Your Teeth Are Just As Important As Any Other Body Part

So you’re thinking of getting a nip and tuck? How about enlarging your breasts? Maybe a bigger butt? How about a facelift? See, many people focus way more on their body parts than they ever do their teeth, and the question I need to raise is – why?

Dental implants cost about $2,500 – $3,500 per tooth in most cities. Invisalign is about $5,000 for the entire procedure to take place – and these are some of the “heavy hitters” when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. How much does a facelift go for? About $8,000 . . . and that’s just getting started, right?

See, cosmetic dentistry is drastically less than the high profile procedures most of us are familiar with; yet they can have a tremendous effect on your appearance and confidence. So much so, that people tend to forget about going through with other procedures they were thinking about getting. We’re not saying this is always going to be the case, because it’s not, believe us we know, but it is something to consider carefully.

Teeth Play A Huge Difference In Appearance

This article is not designed to get our visitors to stop thinking about cosmetic surgery. On the contrary! We’re asking you to consider the most inexpensive form of cosmetic dentistry first, before deciding on jumping into other areas. The reason is simple – if this strategy works, than you save yourself tons of time, dollars, and energy that will be needed to for cosmetic surgery to work properly for you.

Julie H, a friend we choose not to expose, was having a hard time figuring out if she wanted to get surgery to erase the double chin she simply could not get rid of with exercise and diet. Mind you, Julie is slightly overweight, but something about her body structure, created this noticeable double chin.

Instead, she decided to get Invisalign, after we had a long heart-to-heart, and after it was over, she hasn’t talked about that double chin again. Her teeth were not in shambles, but it was quite obvious to anyone speaking to her, that her teeth were slightly separated. This, of course, causes people to look more at her mouth, than her double chin. Since the procedure, she has had no problems dating, and meeting new people.

Psychological Or Reality?

Some might say that Julie didn’t need any of that; and all she needed was the confidence to be herself, and everything would’ve been fine. And for the most part, that’s true . . . but not really. Listen, if you feel something is going to make you more confident, or simply perform better, than you’re going to do that thing – no matter what anyone else says. And more importantly, we suggest that you do it as well!

This is not about stifling cosmetic surgery. This is about empowering people to be their best selves, and if that takes a cosmetic surgery to get the job done – so be it. Your psychology is your reality – never forget that. And if your belief system dictates a surgery is going to increase your game in this world, than it’s time to set it up, and get crackin.’ Just one thing – start with your teeth first. They just might be the only part of your body you end up working on.